GIN-HUDE's road to success

Me, Jörg, created GIN-HUDE out of a passion for gin.

My wife Karina supports me a lot. We known each other for many years and are now happily married. And we really wanted to create something together.

Since November 2017, we have been actively supported by Lucy Wacholder, our Bolonka Zwetna dog.

It all started in 2017 when I sat in front of the computer for nights on end and studied the history of gin. Packages from all over the world started arriving at home increasingly oftena. Our home gin collection kept growing and growing. The house bar was by now better equipped than most cocktail bars.

I was looking for the ultimate gin.

So we went to the hottest bars together and had the best gins recommended to us, but most of the stuff on the menu was not new.

I tried many delicious gins, but I still hadn’t reached my goal.

And then I learned about guided gin distilling seminars, which give you the opportunity to distil your own gin under the guidance of an expert. And I did it and distilled my first gin!

Today we are proud to present our own product GIN-HUDE and our tasting and cocktail events.

When it comes to our product and our events, it is most important to us that the participants experience the passion and love for this artisanal product.

In January 2020, we received our first batch of 799 bottles. Distilled by experienced expert Fabian Rohrwasser of the “Feingeisterei” at Gut Basthorst. What a feeling – our recipe – our gin. Lucy made sure that everything was loaded properly.

The interaction and combination of the individual botanicals is an endless story to discover and experience. Every gin has its own flavour soul and the right tonic can inspire this soul and let it unfold on the palate.

Our vision is to show as many people as possible precisely this taste soul in the testing events. We strongly believe that there is a gin for every person that fully appeals to and represents their feelings.

Come and join us on this journey and find the gin of your life!